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Biomass Boilers and consultants

By Eoin
Aug 30th, 2012

Every day I get asked about Biomass boilers, DECC grants, and hear such a load of nonsense from so called “Consultants” no wonder Joe Public is bemused and confused!

Biomass Grants

Yes biomass grants exist. Don’t ask me how to access them, I work in the field and I find the paperwork bewildering, but fundamental to the subject of grants is DECC’s own comments (Department of Energy and Climate Change)

Basically biomass grants exist for this technology because it is so fe*+=ng expensive! Hugely so! And the why? Its new. (Certainly to the UK) Before you say it, yes, all new technology is bound to be expensive, but it comes down as it gets popular.

(You’re probably the person surrounded by video discs, betamax videos, and 8 track stereos!) use Google, to research wood pellet use around central and northern europe. The statistics are easy to find and will suggest that wood pellet use is skyrocketing. Yes it is, now take out of the stats the pellet use in power stations……Aaaah, there’s the rub! Domestic use is tumbling!

Biomass Pros and Cons

Lets look at biomass pros and cons.

Pellets. Nine times out of ten, Biomass = wood pellets. Nine times out of ten wood pellets mean high fuel costs, maintenance issues, manual handling and pain! I saw a quote last year that suggested that a huge CH system would require ten tonnes of pellets a year to run.

When I calculated the output of the system and the calorific ¬†value of the fuel I was able to tell the client that the “Consultant” was perfectly correct, assuming the system was run for one hour a day! (Realistically, I suggested that 40 tonnes was more realistic. Against my advice he went ahead and used 38 tonnes in his first year!) ¬†These stats are readily available on the net…..use them! Biomass grants

Biomass Consultants

Consultants. I know some of these people and have grave doubts about their qualification to advise. Here’s some old Esther Rantzen advice. Simple, ask for references! Not from Uni or some ex employer who is scared to criticise in case he gets sued, but from previous clients. A genuine, responsible, person, will have no issue giving you access to his client list. (We ask all clients if we may use them for reference and have no problem passing on contacts to engender business)

Axes! Look for axes being ground! A consultant, as opposed to a salesman should be able to advise across the market, notjust for one product. If you are determined to be parted from your kids inheritance for a dodgy technology, then for gawds sake speak to more than one salesman, or find a consultant who is charging for his knowledge base and not taking a commission on product sales!


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