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CASTELMONTE from Stove Experience

Castelmonte  LogoSTOVE EXPERIENCE is proud to be able to offer a unique range of woodburning stoves and solid fuel stoves from the Italian company of CASTELMONTE.

castelmonte futura wood stoveWe are the sole Scottish importer for this product, perhaps reflecting our belief that the Scottish market can appreciate unique fine quality, well designed, superior stove products. We can deliver these stoves to anywhere in Scotland subject to delivery costs. Please contact us for a quote.

Italian Stoves

If a door is not just a door when it is ajar, then a stove is not just a stove when it is a CASTELMONTE!

CASTELMONTE stove products are hand built, uniquely designed, technologically advanced, marvels of the stove makers art.

castelmonte zebra wood burning stovePatented Stainless Steel Firebox

The design and construction of the firebox is exclusive to CASTELMONTE.  The durability, and performance of stainless steel in this function is unrivalled and the engineers at CASTELMONTE have created a true, twenty first century combustion system.

Natural Convection –
Fast and Efficient –
30 minutes to comfort-level


The cycle of warmth from a CASTELMONTE stove begins at the base, where cold air is drawn in to the area between the firebox and the tiles. Therein, a patented “Building” technique ensures rapid and even warming of the air as it rises through the body of the stove. The room is then warmed by natural convection, evenly and comfortably. Castelmonte quote test results of 12.5°C to 27.7°C in 30 minutes!

Elegant Stove Design

Is this not what a stove should look like? Not just an economic, dependable, trustworthy heat source, but also a beautiful, treasured, furniture item. Whether in the kitchen, lounge or hall, a CASTELMONTE stove brings elegance to any room.

castelmonte classic maya wood burning stove      castelmonte carlotta wood burning stove      castelmonte carlotta wood burning stove

Exclusive Tiles

CASTELMONTE tiles are exclusive to the stove range. Each is an example of the Italian tile makers art. Each tile design is a product of design excellence and each reflective of CASTELMONTE’S desire to provide not just the best, but unsurpassed beauty!

Below are a few examples:
 design tile choice for isabella stovestove tile choice for lunatile choice for ecostar stove




OK. That’s all the sales pitch!

Product Viewing and Pricing

castelmonte isabella80Now to the heart of the matter. These are damn fine pieces of kit! Having found these little beauties, we wasted no time in submitting our first order.

Since fitting our first Castlemonte in 2005, we have been consistently impressed! Now the range has extended to include a couple of boiler models, and a new range of “Contemporary” tiles. (Not everyone’s cup of tea, but well dramatic!)

Oddly, considering the plummetting pound, Castlemonte have actually come down in price over the last three years. This because the company has secured more and better transport arrangements across Europe and unusually in a hard, commercial, environment, they have chosen to pass this on to their customers. (This reflects the “Family” attitude that Castlemonte engender in there business….delightful!)

Choosing your Castelmonte Stove

Contact Form and Directions to Showroom Tel. 01501 823006

Choose your hearts desire, then ring for the price. As we are buying in Euros on these, there can be a little fluctuation now and again. Don’t expect this kind of quality for nothing, but do prepare to be very pleasantly surprised!

The link to the Castelmonte website below will take you out of this website. Please use your “back” button to return here.

Browse the Castelmonte Website.

castelmonte futura stove       castelmonte futura 01 stoevcastelmonte futura 01castelminte Eco camino stovecastelmonte luna forno stovecastelmonte luna 01










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