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Bricks and reading instructions!

By Eoin
Oct 23rd, 2012

Why does nobody read the bumf that comes with their new stove? Getting really fed up with arguing with clients when they get upset that a brick in their stove has cracked.

Cracked Fire Bricks

Manufacturers rarely warranty bricks in stoves. They are subject to flame and clients throwing logs at them for chrissakes! The sale of goods act allows for items subject to naked flame to be unwarranted and regarded as consumables. This is part of the on cost of owning a stove. You WILL pay for some spares as time goes on.

Fire Brick Replacement

The fear that clients have with regard to this is also irrational. Consider that those manufacturers who use more than one brick in the back of their stoves in effect “Build in” cracks. Albeit, nice vertical straight ones! A cracked brick is harmless, and we only insist on replacement if the brick is so damaged that bare metal behind is revealed.

Otherwise, relax, chill, enjoy your stove, read the instructions, and bask in the heat, that is after all, the harnessed energy of the sun, alive and well in your living room. (Think what the sun does to your skin given half a chance, and admire and pity the brick… has a helluva job to do!

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