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Stoves and New Building Regulations Scotland

By Eoin
Sep 20th, 2013

Stoves and Building Regulations Scotland

Every year, unknown to most, building regs are reviewed and updated to keep them up to date with technical development, public concern, and legislative requirements.

This year in the technical handbook a couple of changes will affect the stove  industry and what we present to prospective clients

  1. Carbon monoxide detector. From the 1st of October this addition to home safety becomes mandatory when a new stove is installed in a house. The spec for the detector is also specified in regs so what you will get is a sealed battery type detector with six years life expectancy. Where it will go will be explained by our engineers when on site. Already I have had prospective clients tell me they already have one, but more often, what they already have is a smoke detector….not the same thing.

    This has already been mandatory in England for a few years and it is difficult to say how much it has improved home safety, but surely , since it is such a cheap technology now, its better there than not?

  2. Increase in ventilation requirement. This is one you won’t notice! Ventilation requlations for stoves have increased by 50mm sq per kw over 5. (This is something for us to know…not you, but be assured , we are aware of it and will follow the regs ) It is a minor increase, and brings Scotland in to line with England in the numbers

Most other things in the Scottish handbook have remained the same, but again, and its well worth noting, If you plan on fitting your own stove, PLEASE check Scottish building regulationss, they still differ from the English in many regards, but the larger English market means that most build reg advice on the internet is based on Document J. Whenever you see this mentioned, you are looking at English rules, not Scottish.

Go to to see the new Scottish stove regulations.

Eoin F

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