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Stove Flue Regulations – Three facts you need to know

By Eoin
Jul 1st, 2013

Wood Stove Flue Regulations

Scottish building regulations for stove flues differ from English! Given that the English market is about twenty times larger than the Scottish, you will find that most internet information is very English biased.

  1. Minimum stove flue liner diameter in Scotland is 150mm. (In England, regs allow the use of 125mm on DEFRA approved appliances with a 125mm flue outlet)
  2. Prospective clients often tell me they don’t need planning permission for a flue…..Urban myth! Planning permission (As I understand it) is not required for a flue that will not leave the roof surface of a building by more than one metre. This is a circumstance that only occurs if the flue terminates near the ridge, where regulations say that it can finish 600mm higher than the ridge. In most other circumstances, planning consent will be required.
  3. You need one! (Too) regularly I am asked for a “Flueless” woodburning stove! There is No such thing!

Access Scottish Building regulations Technical Handbook at the link below.

(Note, this will take you to the latest revision which will be in force from October 1st, 2013….may as well get in early!)


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