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Value for money wood burning stoves

By Eoin
Sep 15th, 2012

Value For Money Stoves

Some thoughts on stove pricing. It constantly amazes me that potential clients are surprised that there is a range of prices in the stove market for apparently similar products. All cars are similar, four wheels, brakes, windows, engine, but we all understand (Except possibly Smart car owners) that the more we spend, the more we get.

Best Value Stoves

After some time showing clients products and catalogues I am often asked “Ok, brain hurts…what’s the best value for money?” Inevitably this is not the cheapest. A manufacturer who has invested time, energy, effort and expertise in building a product, that he will stand behind in terms of warranty, quality and ultimately allow to carry his company name isn’t and shouldn’t sell himself cheap! You get what you pay for.

This is probably why I despair of the bulk of Chinese built products flooding the British market. If the “Shanghai Stove Company” ever produce a product, put their name on it, honestly describe the quality and origin, then they will most probably be on to a winner!

Instead we get ranges of products with names like badly spelled Scottish islands, (Does anybody really believe there is a major stove producing foundry on Shetland?)  birds of pray (SIC), or English towns and cities, and claims of “Built in Britain” (See “Assembled”)  , “In our own foundry” (See “Shanghai”) and my personal favourite “CE Approved” (See Wikipedia….or simply Google it! CE marking is a self-certification scheme. Retailers sometimes refer to products as “CE approved”, but they have misunderstood the scheme)

I suspect that part of the problem of deciding value for money is the awesome effectiveness of wood burning stoves. Even if you construct a stove from a biscuit tin, you will be gobsmacked by the amount of heat generated. This, in peoples minds suggests that £1000 biscuit tins are daylight robbery!

Value With Performance

However, you could build a car with a lawnmower engine, make wheels of wood, and fit a deck chair to sit in and it would get you from A to B and do all this for a hundred quid, does that suggest that car manufacturers are all out to strip you of the kids inheritance? No. You get what you pay for. (See a kind of theme developing here?)

It’s not to say that you mustn’t buy a cheap wood burning stove. It is to say though that you should match your expectations to the price. Every market needs “Entry level” so that potential clients can “Dip a toe in” with minimal risk.

I’ll let you complete the last line yourself

“You — —- — — —!”

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