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Wood burning stoves for sale

By Eoin
Jan 9th, 2014

Wood Burning Stoves for SaleĀ  – some advice

Wood burning stoves are flavour of the month, soaring energy prices, planet saving environmentalism, and high fashion driving an industry that is attracting carpetbaggers like fleas on a dog!

Hwam Elements Pellet StoveSome internet suppliers have “Matured” of recent years, realising that they are dealing with dangerous equipment, worthy of care and expertise. As a consequence we have seen that discounts from the better stove companies have reduced as they realise that profit is needed to provide service.

Others haven’t learned the lesson, and its you, “Joe public” who suffer.

Poor quality product, badly packaged, delivered by non specialist transport is too often the tale we hear. Then the search for a stove installer or an engineer to install. Few want to install a stove supplied by another company.

If you’ve made no profit on the appliance, your labour charge will have to rise accordingly, and sure as god grew little green apples, if anything goes wrong with the stove itself, Joe will ring the installer, NOT the supplier, who legally is responsible for the warranty.

We’ve seen three legged stoves (Hideously expensive milking stools!) More broken glass than you’d see in a booze up in a Greek restaurant, and consistently, stoves that aren’t going to do the job that the customer wanted them to.

There is an old fashioned way of doing things, that Mary Porteous advocates…Shops!

Our Stove Shop

Despite what the interweb says about us, usually we are just normal people doing a job. Nobody chooses to open a shop without a modicum of interest in their subject, as it costs money, up front to do. Wages, fittings, advertising, stock and the big one, unless its on the back of a trailer a shop is an easy target for Joe. If things go wrong he can come round and punch you on the nose! That’s motivating!

Even a shop can get it wrong once in a while. but few shopkeepers want the grief. We don’t set out to have complaints, issues or problems. Day to day life is bad enough! (Vat, accounts, legislation, insurance, all seem designed to ensure that what little money is made is soon removed!)

So want to buy a stove?

Take advice from qualified people. Take your time! Its a huge market with something for everyone. Modern, contemporary, classic, traditional, convectors, radiants, colours, and from designs that belong in the Tate modern to appliances your granny would have been proud to own.

Don’t be pound foolish and penny shy. Remember, you get what you pay for. (Peanuts get you monkeys!)


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