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About Stove Experience Log Stove Supplier and Installer

Anne Gill – Company Owner

I’m happy to announce Stove Experience is a member of the Federation of Small Business.

We are passionate about customer service to the log burner, wood stove and solid-fuel stove industry.

Traditional Values and Modern Ecodesign Standards

By applying old-fashioned values like honesty, respect and superior knowledge of stove products, we make sure all buyers receive the correct advice about suitable stoves for their homes. 

I’m proud of the range of stove styles and manufacturers the company supplies to meet the needs of all customers and which also meet current Ecodesign standards.

Assisting personally in the surveys of properties means I develop a personal relationship with each customer. 

They appreciate that we recommend the best stoves that will meet their needs for heat output, technical specifications, budget and a stove design that will complement their lifestyle and enhance their home.

Eoin  (pr. Ian)

My own credentials are experiential, having come in to the  stove  industry as a young man (With bad hair, but more of it) when cutting edge technology was a stove  with panes of glass, replacing one inch strips (They always got irredeemably filthy in the joins) “Airwash” (“Wonder what will happen if we drill another hole here…”) and zero rate vat loopholes that you could shove a stove through!

Today the wood burning stove and solid fuel stove industry has, at its best end, a sense of professionalism.

(There are still tartan shirted beardies selling wood stoves from farmyards and the small ads in the back of the Sunday papers have been replaced by “ the web”) (PS, if this IS how you prefer to buy stuff, stop reading, you’re on the wrong website!)

The wood burning stove business has “Come of age” with an acceptance that burning wood in a stove fireplace is sensible, clean, renewable and with the products that can be used, highly efficient.

Stove Installation Teams
After long discussion and deliberation, we have reverted to expert and trusted contractors for our installations.

This because, in the last few years we have trained many young men, who have subsequently left to start their own businesses and make their way in the world!

When we decided to employ, rather than contract, it was because there was little expertise out there, today, due to our own endeavours, there is lots!

Final Note

Dip in to our website.  Hopefully you will find it easier to navigate around than the last one (It just growed and growed!)

Comments will be gratefully received and possibly, perhaps, acted upon. Feel free to give us feedback – use the contact form on this page

Have fun! and Share what you like using the Social Sharing buttons on our pages.

Areas of Scotland where we install stoves:- Glasgow, Edinburgh, West Lothian, Midlothian, Stirling, Perth, North Lanarkshire, South Lanarkshire, Scottish Borders, Fife.

We are able to supply and install stoves further afield than these listed areas for an agreed extra charge.  

For more information contact  us using the contact form 

including trade prices for Architects, Specifiers, Property Developers, House Builders, Home Improvement Companies and Installers. – use the contact form 

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