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Jotul Wood Stoves, Log Burners & Fireplace Inserts

By Eoin
Mar 13th, 2016

Great News for Woodburner Fans At the beginning of October at Stove Experience we open our newly installed  Jøtul ” Shop in Shop” featuring a selection of the  technically advanced and inspiring Jøtul cast iron wood burning stoves and multi fuel stoves. The Norwegian stove company has perfected the art of recycling cast iron and turning it into wood burning


By Eoin
Mar 12th, 2016

Cant help but notice the proliferation of new stove shops throughout the country. Mostly refugees from the now, largely defunct, Biomass industry. Remarkable is the HUGE amount of “Experience” they apparently hold. One shop, that is less than a year old, tells us on its website that it has “Over a hundred years experience in the business” How!? Presumably by

Biomass Blaggers!

By Eoin
Mar 13th, 2015

The new buzzword in my industry…”Biomass”. (See also “Snake oil”, ) has ever a concept been SO oversold? (Since photovoltaics!) I see people daily who have parted with £20k plus on the promise of “Free heat”, “Government will pay you”….when will people learn!? You get “Out fur Nowt”. There aint  no such thing as a free lunch. (“Tanstaafl”….thank you Robert

Wood Fuel Cost Calculator

By Eoin
Oct 7th, 2014

Calculating the amount and cost of wood or solid fuel needed can br tricky. Spotted this earlier and want to share it You need to download it to make it work, but an excellent and easy used spreadsheet that allows you to change variables, fuel type, unit cost per kilowatt hour, output requirement, to allow you to check the

Toughened glass behind stoves

By Eoin
Feb 9th, 2014

Stove Backing Materials I keep seeing pics of toughened glass being used behind stoves to protect walls. Frankly it scares me! The process used to toughen (“Temper”) glass is a heat treatment, and is reversed by re heating. Heres a comment from one glass manufacturers website “If tempered glass is exposed to higher temperatures, it AGES more quickly, which means

Wood burning stoves for sale

By Eoin
Jan 9th, 2014

Wood Burning Stoves for Sale  – some advice Wood burning stoves are flavour of the month, soaring energy prices, planet saving environmentalism, and high fashion driving an industry that is attracting carpetbaggers like fleas on a dog! Some internet suppliers have “Matured” of recent years, realising that they are dealing with dangerous equipment, worthy of care and expertise. As a

Stoves and New Building Regulations Scotland

By Eoin
Sep 20th, 2013

Stoves and Building Regulations Scotland Every year, unknown to most, building regs are reviewed and updated to keep them up to date with technical development, public concern, and legislative requirements. This year in the technical handbook a couple of changes will affect the stove  industry and what we present to prospective clients Carbon monoxide detector. From the 1st of October

Stove Flue Regulations – Three facts you need to know

By Eoin
Jul 1st, 2013

Wood Stove Flue Regulations Scottish building regulations for stove flues differ from English! Given that the English market is about twenty times larger than the Scottish, you will find that most internet information is very English biased. Minimum stove flue liner diameter in Scotland is 150mm. (In England, regs allow the use of 125mm on DEFRA approved appliances with a

Woodburning stove reviews and stove comparison sites

By Eoin
May 2nd, 2013

Stove Review Sites I see yet another woodburning stove review site appear on the web….and groan. What I would love to see doesn’t seem to exist, a review site of woodburning stove installers! Herein is the fundamental problem, woodburning stove review sites allow the public to compare stoves and hardware that is crucially dependent on its installation for performance. The

Woodburning stoves problems and solutions

By Eoin
May 2nd, 2013

Avoiding Stove Problems Woodburning stove problems make up most of my e-mail postbag every morning! (Not from our clients!) Usually the problems fall into one of two categories.  The wrong stove has been purchased for the job intended or The stove installation is bad Best Solution – Check Before You Buy Woodburning stoves problems and Multifuel stoves problems can actually