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STOVE EXPERIENCE is no longer able to source castelmonte products. Unfortunately, the “Castelmonte” company we were dealing with didn’t make it through the pandemic. (Very sad)

The “Link” is now broken, Although you will find “Castlemonte” if you google, but it will take you to a site selling “Castelmonte by Grimaldi” There are only three products there, all pellet stoves, and a pale imitation of the original wood burners.

I’ve left the page here so you can see what you missed!

We are sole Scottish importer for this product, perhaps reflecting our belief that the Scottish market can appreciate fine quality, well designed, superior products.

CASTELMONTE – Italian Stove Excellence

castelmonte futura wood stove

A stove is not just a stove when it is a CASTELMONTE!

CASTELMONTE stove products are hand built, uniquely designed, technologically advanced, marvels of the stove makers art.

Patented Stainless Steel Firebox

The design and construction of the firebox is exclusive to CASTELMONTE. The durability, and performance of stainless steel in this function is unrivalled and the engineers at CASTELMONTE have created a true, twenty first century combustion system.

Natural Convection

The cycle of warmth from a CASTELMONTE stove begins at the base, where cold air is drawn in to the area between the firebox and the tiles. Therein, a patented “Building” technique ensures rapid and even warming of the air as it rises through the body of the stove. The room is then warmed by natural convection, evenly and comfortably.

castelmonte wood burning stove

Elegant Design

Is this not what a stove should look like? Not just an economic, dependable, trustworthy heat source, but also a beautiful, treasured, furniture item. Whether in the kitchen, parlour or hall, a CASTELMONTE stove brings elegance to any room.

Castelmonte Wood Stove Kandinsky multi coloured wood stove

Exclusive Tiles

CASTELMONTE tiles are exclusive to the stove range. Each is an example of the Italian tile makers art. Each a product of design excellence and each reflective of CASTELMONTE’S desire to provide not just the best, but unsurpassed beauty!

Below are a few examples:

For the Isabella 80For the Luna 03 Stove
Stove tilesTile choice for Luna 03 Stove

OK. That’s all the sales pitch!

Viewing and Pricing

Now to the heart of the matter. These are damn fine pieces of kit! Having found these little beauties, we wasted no time in submitting our first order.

They will be on stream from early October 2005 and the first Castelmonte stove in Scotland will be lit in the Stove Experience showroom within a week of arrival!

Perhaps it might be even more interesting to see what is coming off display to make room for them. Manufacturers beware…The Italians are coming!

Choosing your Castelmonte Stove

Choose your hearts desire, then ring for the price. As we are buying in Euros on these, there can be a little fluctuation now and again.   Don’t expect this kind of quality for nothing, but do prepare to be very pleasantly surprised!

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