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Ecodesign – Woodburning Stoves Efficiency

By Eoin
Feb 2nd, 2019

At the moment, stoves sold throughout Europe (Including the UK) must be at least 65% efficient. New EU legislation that we have already signed up to, and are unlikely to opt out of given the current concerns with air quality, will come in to effect in 2022, assuring a MINIMUM efficiency for stoves of 80%. The Stove Industry Alliance (

Toughened glass behind stoves

By Eoin
Feb 9th, 2014

Stove Backing Materials I keep seeing pics of toughened glass being used behind stoves to protect walls. Frankly it scares me! The process used to toughen (“Temper”) glass is a heat treatment, and is reversed by re heating. Heres a comment from one glass manufacturers website “If tempered glass is exposed to higher temperatures, it AGES more quickly, which means

Stoves and New Building Regulations Scotland

By Eoin
Sep 20th, 2013

Stoves and Building Regulations Scotland Every year, unknown to most, building regs are reviewed and updated to keep them up to date with technical development, public concern, and legislative requirements. This year in the technical handbook a couple of changes will affect the stoveĀ  industry and what we present to prospective clients Carbon monoxide detector. From the 1st of October

Stove Flue Regulations – Three facts you need to know

By Eoin
Jul 1st, 2013

Wood Stove Flue Regulations Scottish building regulations for stove flues differ from English! Given that the English market is about twenty times larger than the Scottish, you will find that most internet information is very English biased. Minimum stove flue liner diameter in Scotland is 150mm. (In England, regs allow the use of 125mm on DEFRA approved appliances with a