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Contemporary Wood Stoves – Glass Hearths and Plinths

By Eoin
Aug 24th, 2016
euroheat glass hearths and plinths

Euroheat Glass Hearth Glass plinth

If you are someone who is passionate about style and design you’ll be delighted with the latest that modern wood burning stoves have to offer.

Modern Stove Design

One of our passions is to stay in touch with the very latest innovations in stove technology and design.

Glass Hearths and Plinths

So we are delighted to be able to highlight these stylish glass stove plinths.

As well as protecting your floor, the glass plinth has the effect of visually blending into the floor and giving the impression that the stove takes up less room. Our professional stove installers will ensure a fuss-free installation of a glass hearth or glass plinth.

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