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Ecodesign – Woodburning Stoves Efficiency

By Eoin
Feb 2nd, 2019

At the moment, stoves sold throughout Europe (Including the UK) must be at least 65% efficient. New EU legislation that we have already signed up to, and are unlikely to opt out of given the current concerns with air quality, will come in to effect in 2022, assuring a MINIMUM efficiency for stoves of 80%.

The Stove Industry Alliance ( representing 40 major players in the stove industry, manufacturers, distributors, fuel suppliers and interested parties, has already stolen a march on the coming legislation and created the “Ecodesign ready” logo for those products already meeting the new stringent standards.

Curiously, as I have pointed out previously, in the blog “Smokeless wood” DEFRA themselves have shown that Ecodesign ready products produce half the harmful emissions than “Clean air act” approved stoves.

Download the report commissioned by DEFRA from the Air Quality Expert Group here


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