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Stove and Fireplace Hearths

sandstone hearth

All stoves need a hearth.

At Stove Experience we love doing the “Bespoke hearth” stuff, so as well as all the regular materials such as

  • granite  hearths
  • glass hearths
  • slate hearths
  • marble hearths

that everyone else does, (But we’re probably a lot more realistically priced…take note Edinburgh) we delight in our partnerships with other, passionate, professionals.

Eddie Halford, our pet stonemason, will handcraft sandstone hearths in pinks, reds, greys and buffs, to designs that clients are directly involved in.

For example – mimicking other detail in a room, say, cornice work, or cabinet work, in stone, that ties the fire setting into a complete room picture, rather than just an addition.

Many times this has gone to the extreme and Eddie will delight in creating a complete mantel / fire setting to a clients design.

Flue Cube Chimney Cowl Supply and Install

The Flue Cube is a brilliant bit of kit manufactured in the UK that will solve almost any flue problem. It increases stove efficiency and reduces particulates. In doing so it complements and supports the new eco design emission requirements.

FlueCube solves problems routinely associated with short chimneys, bungalows, conservatories, single storey extensions, chimneys below the roof line or even glamping accommodation.

  • down draft problem
  • blow back smoke and smell
  • hard to light stove
  • negative pressure

Contact us to discuss the installation of a Flue Cube Call 01501 823006 or use the Contact Form

Glass Hearths

We also work with Hurry Brothers of Glasgow, their expertise in Glass is unrivalled. Again, shapes and cuts, that bewilder in complexity can be done, and as far as colour is concerned, they aren’t quite at the “Match a bit of paint on a stick” stage, but are so close, its amazing!

Percy Doughty glass hearths and plinths are to be highly recommended.

glass hearths for wood stoves

Granite Hearths

Percy Doughty polished granite hearths and plinths give an elegant and sophisticated foundation for wood stoves and multifuel stoves.

Granite Hearths for Wood Stoves

Replacement Stove Glass

Replacement Stove Glass - Fastglass Direct
Click to go to Fast Glass website for  replacement stove glass 

Fluepipe and chimneys

single wall fluepipe

This is expensive stuff, and you are going to shop around for it, but PLEASE don’t buy on price alone. If a company is throwing in a piece of fluepipe with a stove purchase, surely you know its the cheapest, barely qualifiable bit of pipe in the market?

We are very, and unashamedly, protectionist of British companies.  Yes, there is some poor quality British stuff out there too, but at least you can go round and punch them on the nose…..Ooops, if thats “Incitement to riot”…sorry officer, but you get my drift.

On the whole though, British metalworking companies are b@?*%y good at what they do – having a heritage that stretches back to when we invented the stuff.  And don’t be surprised at price. Bought a Chinese saucepan recently? Now there’s robbery for you! Whether its just the flue connection or a complete new chimney system, let us give you a price for a decent, British, product, then compare.

Stove Accessories

You will, no doubt, get fed up lifting spilt ash with your hands, and carrying your logs in to the house in a plastic carrier bag.

brass fireside tools companion set
Companion Sets

We try to be very practical about this in that we all use stoves ourselves on a daily basis, so we offer you what works for us.

There is a HUGE amount of junk in this market and Mes’s (See above) No, we don’t have the little fan thing that sits on your stove and blows the heat out of the inglenook (For a £100)(MES) you want a fan, go to B&Q, spend a tenner, and put it in a sensible corner of the room to create an air current and distribute the heat.

Again, where we can we source from British suppliers  we supply

  • log bsketwood log baskets
  • insulated gloves
  • fireside tools
  • companion sets
  • chimney flue protector
  • wood carrying sling
  • fire bellows
  • heat resistant gloves
heat resistant gloves

and all the “Practical” stuff. Its tried and tested, by us, and we try HARD to break stuff!

Stove Spares

The stove spares market is massive.

Please don’t ring and ask for A grate for A stove. If there are no identifying features on the stove (Western European manufacturers are usually so proud of their products that, surprise, they will usually put their name on it somewhere) then take a photo to show us, and some dimensions, so we can make an educated guess at it!

Bring damaged, broken parts to us too as these might help identify the appliance.

Expect to pay. Sounds stupid, but there is no warranty on items within a stove that are in direct contact with flame*.

So we can supply:

  • wood stove seal rope
  • stove glass
  • fire bricks
  • stove grates
  • stove baffles
  • stove paint
  • stove grate polish

These are all “Consumables”.

Manufacturers lauded, “Five year ”, “Eight year” or “Lifetime” (Whatever that means anyway?) warranties are for the body of the product, not the internals. (ie your skin will outlive your heart…at least by a few weeks!)

*Actually, there is one manufacturer who has broken this mould…tell you on another page, have fun looking!

Stove Repairs


Yes we can do stove repairs, but our shop is not a workshop. All our tools are in vans with engineers on board. Most stove repairs are about the replacement of consumables and well within the remit of most home handymen.

We will give all the advice you might need. If you do get stuck, or just don’t want to “Get down and dirty” with your stove we can usually send someone round to do the repair.

You will be asked to pay, (No surprise there, we’re a business) unless the work is within warranty on a product we supplied, then more often than not the manufacturer picks up the tab for you and us!

Contact Form and Directions to Showroom Tel. 01501 823006

Stove replacement glass

This is the easy one. Click the link to FASTGLASS on this page and magically (I still don’t REALLY understand the interweb) you will be in touch with some good pals of ours in Aberdeen. Don’t let that frighten you, his prices are usually cheaper than manufacturers and you don’t even need to know the make of the stove.

Measure exactly the size in millimetres and Andy will cut it for you, pack it up securely (Don’t worry, he’s done this thousands of times) and post it right to you! Easy, and no trip out to Shotts! DO NOT substitute any other type of glass in your stove. Stove glass is a unique product, cunningly designed (By a German) to handle the crazy temperatures a stove inflicts.

Replacement Stove Glass - Fastglass Direct
For replacement stove glass 

Areas we cover:- Glasgow, Edinburgh, West Lothian, Midlothian, Stirling, Perth, Fife, North Lanarkshire, South Lanarkshire, Borders

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