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Woodburning stoves problems and solutions

By Eoin
May 2nd, 2013

Avoiding Stove Problems

Woodburning stove problems make up most of my e-mail postbag every morning! (Not from our clients!)

Usually the problems fall into one of two categories.

  1.  The wrong stove has been purchased for the job intended or
  2. The stove installation is bad

Best Solution – Check Before You Buy

Woodburning stoves problems and Multifuel stoves problems can actually be solved before the point of purchase.

Jotul stove GF F373 DV int01Ensure that you are clear what heat output you want the stove to achieve.

Constantly we are asked for recommendation on boiler stoves by potential clients who have no idea of an output requirement. (This needs to be assessed by a heating engineer, before you buy!)

Problems arise  with regard to room heat requirements.

Online calculators are useful as a guide, but are no substitute for an in depth discussion with a stove professional who will take into account your room use, quality of insulation and ultimate intention.

Installation Problems

The other big area of woodburning stove problems is undoubtedly, poor installation.

chimney problems Even if you do decide to buy your lethal, dangerous, red hot bit of kit off a website on the “Interweb”, please, please, PLEASE…read the installation instructions!

Even if you are paying someone else to fit it for you, it is best to have some knowledge of whether or not they are doing it right!

This sounds ludicrously obvious, but not a week goes by without encountering at least one stove where a piece of fluepipe has been pointed in the general direction of the chimney with the following problems:

  • Missing seal
  • No register plate
  • No common sense! ALL manufacturers of ALL stoves describe how to fit a register plate in their installation instructions.

stove flue problemsProfessional Solutions

Stove problems and solutions, need to be discussed with a professional. Often the solutions are simple.

Occasionally the appliance is so dangerous that the solution MUST be dealt with professionally.

Don’t expect manufacturers to be overly sympathetic to your woodburning stove problems.

Addressing problems with the retailer

Legally, responsibility for warranty in the stove you have bought, in the first instance, belongs with the retailer (Even if the problem stove is bought off the internet).

wood stove no problemsYou need to take your woodburning stove problem back to the retailer first.

Bear in mind that the manufacturer will only be involved if he has produced a faulty product, not if a fault has been caused by buying the wrong product for the task, or installing it badly by not reading and following the installation instructions.

Most of our clients and potential clients avoid woodburning stove problems by one simple expedient…..they come through our door! If you live in central Scotland Contact Us

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