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Chimney Surveys for Stove Installation

This is going to be a bit of a lecture! (No surprises there then!)

Before asking us to do a survey please understand what it is, and what it is not.

A survey is not

1) A sales call. Neither we (Anne or I) are coming to your house to sell you anything.

Before we will do a survey we will have spent some time with you, hopefully in our store, possibly by e-mail discussion or at the very least on the telephone. By the time we reach your house we should all be reasonably certain what you want to fit and achieve and we are calling to assess the feasibility and prepare costings for you.

A survey is not

2) A social visit.

We’d love to say yes, thanks when very nice people offer us tea and coffee, snacks and meals, but we are working, and the chances are that we had a survey before you, and probably another one after. Please don’t be offended by a refusal. If we accepted every drink we were offered we would be stopping in every lay by on the way home.

A survey is not

3) Timed to perfection.

We try to fit surveys in to two hour time slots. If we are going to be early or late we will ring you en route.

Please remember we are human, in a human world. If a lorry load of squirty cream canisters catches fire on the A75 and blows up making Castle Douglas lactose intolerant for a month, and we are stuck for two hours whilst the boys in blue create a detour that even our sat nav laughs at, That Aint Our Fault! (This happened!) We do occasionally get ill as well.

A survey is not

4) A Crystal ball.

Please don’t ask for a survey if there is nothing to see. Too many times I have sat with prospective clients in front of bricked up fire openings looking blankly at the wall. We end up then imagining what the new fireplace / stove is going to look like.

New chimney systems are different, in that although there is nothing to see, we need to see the property to judge the best route for the flue. (This may involve going in to more than one room, so don’t lock the Doberman in a room that we might have to go in to) which brings me to…..

A survey is not

5) Crufts.

Sorry, but I don’t like big dogs. You can love them all you like. Its a free country. My passion is for stoves. I seem to spend a lot of my time in peoples houses removing their dogs nose from my crotch. This may be normal for dog lovers, I find it disturbing. Please put fido / rover / cuddles (Or whatever people call dogs these days) in another room for ten minutes. It won’t hurt them…promise!

What a survey is

A survey is

1) An assessment of the feasibility of the project we have already discussed with you.

In essence this means that if we are to use an existing chimney we will want to look up it. We will want to see a chimney sweeps report. (Don’t get charged £40-£60 for a chimney sweeping and NOT get a written report. If your chimney sweep can’t do this, don’t use him. He should be a professional)

A survey is

2) An assessment of practicalities.

If our engineers will have to be on your roof, we will want to see outside the property as well as in.

We’ll need to know – Can we work off ladders? Will scaffolding or equipment be required? Can we get in to an attic if necessary?

A survey is

3) A preparation for the construction of a quote.

Please don’t press for a “Ballpark”. Amazes me how many times people try to hold you to a guess! How accurate should a guess be? Again, by the time we have reached the survey stage we will have discussed costs with you and you should have a fair idea of what things cost. From the survey we will calculate a quotation for the appliance and materials required to do the task you are asking for.

4) For one thing. When I have been fairly certain of achieving a contract with a client when I have invested time in building a relationship with and then not received that contract, it amazes me that often it is because they went with someone cheaper. BUT when I query what they bought I find, the appliance is different, the presentation is different, the materials are different. This is why I ask people to remember that we are quoting for one thing. If you want to compare quotes, and you should, ENSURE you are comparing like for like. Oft times I find that the alternate job chosen was one that we could have been very competitive on. Having viewed your property, should you want us to re quote, based on a change to your plan, or to get a more accurate comparison to a competitive quote..ask!

Client Responsibilities

(Yes, its your turn!)

1) Have a vague idea what you want. Sounds ludicrous, but too often I hear “One of they woodburning stoves” Which one? There are B hundreds out there! At least have a feel for style. Modern? Traditional? One door? Two door? Colour? Again, we should have covered this with you long before we reach your living room, but if you are ringing up out of the blue to request a survey, have some idea of what you want to achieve.

2) Get your chimney swept. By a professional. (A guild member or National association member will do a thorough job and leave you with a report on the soundness, structure and viability of the chimney) Remember, I’m going to stick my head up there!

3) Leave time. Be realistic about timeframe, especially late in the year. Domestic stove production is very seasonal in the UK and in the winter it can take several weeks for product to arrive from ordering. Expect this and you won’t be disappointed.

4) Compare like for like. There is no such thing as “How much it costs to fit a stove” There is a price for what you are asking to be done.

Contact Form and Directions to Showroom Tel. 01501 823006

Areas we cover:- Glasgow, Edinburgh, West Lothian, Midlothian, Stirling, Perth, Fife, North Lanarkshire, South Lanarkshire, Borders

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