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What is a wood burning stove?

Sounds stupid, doesn’t it?

morso wood burning stoveA woodburning stove, burns wood!

But, almost everyone who comes into the showroom asks for “One of those wood burning stoves”.

When asked “What do you want to burn?” The reply quite often includes the word “Coal”!

A woodburning stove, is designed to burn wood!

Stove experience can supply and fit any stove that is classified as Ecodesign Ready, Hetas Approved, DEFRA Exempt.



The airflow through the appliance has been engineered expertly to get the best performance from wood fuel.  Most importantly it doesn’t have a grate, unlike multifuel stoves!

Wood Stove Brands and Manufacturers


Most of the best examples of true wood burning stoves hail from the Scandinavian countries. Norway, gives us the famous Jotul brand.

Stove Experience is an approved Jøtul stove installer and we stock Ecodesign Jøtul Stoves approved by Hetas. 

We can supply and fit all Jøtul Stoves classified as Ecodesign Ready.

Jøtul Stove Design

In our Jøtul “Shop in Shop” in our stove showroom you can view our showcase selection of Jotul stylish elegant and high efficiency wood burning stoves and multi fuel stoves.

Here are a few Jøtul stoves you can inspect in person, some under fire.

Jotul F-305_LL-BP_ lanarkshire glasgow edinburgh


Jotul F500 wood burning stove Lanarkshire glasgow edinburgh


Here is the Jøtul F163 in White and Black. The latter can be seen under fire in our showroom. This stove is Ecodesign, Hetas Approved, DEFRA exempt 




Jotul F163 white Lanarkshire glasgow edinburghJotul F163 black lanarkshire glasgow edinburgh


The F163 has

• Large side glasses providing a perfect view to the burning logs
• Made for heating smaller spaces, yet powerful enough to handle cold peaks
• Special glass that stays clean



scan wood burning stove logo






The combination of Danish design, brave ideas, and an eye for detail has turned Scan into a leading brand in wood-burning stoves

scan stove Scan 66 black egg shaped stove

Scan 66 – Black


scan 66 stove white

         Scan 66 White

The organic shape of Scan 66 creates a beautiful frame around the fire, and the view to the flames is maximized through the use of glass in the log retainer. 




            Scan 66 Green

Hang it on the wall or choose between different base options. The discreet wall fitting gives the impression that the stove is floating against the wall.





morso_cast_iron_6148From Denmark, Morso is the name of excellence.

morso logo


Jøtul and Morso still figure large in the British market and have strong U.K bases.

woodwarm Stove a-range lanarkshire glasgow edinburghJotul Wood Stove Insert G1425 lanarkshire glasgow edinburghJotul Stove F400 castine

The ‘state of the art’ is possibly represented by ‘Austroflamm’s’ G1 stove. Soapstone lined. Dimpled surfacing. Contemporary styling. Superb! (I own one of these, so admit to a little bias!)

austroflamm wood burniing stove lanarkshire glasgow edinburghaustroflamm wein wood burning stoveaustroflamm athmos fan wood burniing stove lanarkshire glasgow edinburgh

British manufacturers include, Hunter, Villager, Aarrow, Stovax, to name but four

Predominantly, British built wood stoves are steel construction. (Primarily because we have a strong tradition of steel fabrication and very few foundries!)

Deciding Which Wood Stove You Want

Jøtul F481 wood stove lanarkshire glasgow edinburgh
There are wood burner stoves to which you can add grates. These stride the fence between wood burning and multi fuel.

Note however that the result is a compromise between the very different needs of burning wood and coal. Some manufacturers do it better than others.

There is some confusion about what to call a stove. Some people ask about a freestanding fireplace.

Wood burning stoves can be installed as fireplace inserts into an existing chimney, so to call one freestanding – is a useful term, but stoves can’t be wheeled around like electric fires or gas cylinder heaters.

The answer, truly, is to define early in your search for a stove, what are you going to burn? If you live in a smoke control area you need a DEFRA stove or smokeless stove.

Do you have access to a good wood supply? (Even the smallest wood burning stove can easily gobble a ton or two of wood in a winter!)

Wood Stoves for Small Spaces

If you have a small home, or cabin, a garage, studio, workshop or other living space, choosing the right stove is crucial. Small wood burning stoves come up to temperature quickly and burn more efficiently than a stove that is too big for the space it is located in.

Many small stoves are more than capable of heating a 1,000 square foot home or workshop without any other additional heating appliance. They also make a great backup in larger homes during power cuts.  We can help you select the right wood burning small stove for your needs.  Just call to chat with one of our wood stove experts, we’re here to help.

Stove Inserts for Fireplace

wall mounted multifuel stove insert One alternative to having an actual freestanding stove is replacing your open fireplace with a wood stove insert.  Wood stove inserts are an economical solution in more ways than one. You benefit from the faster installation time, increased fuel efficiency from better fuel burning and you lose less heat up the chimney from the enclosed stove insert. To find out if your fireplace could take a multifuel stove or wood burning stove insert call us to discuss your existing fireplace construction..

Benefits of Stoves – the Stove Experience

Fireart Irony MetallicBy now you are wondering why you ever contemplated a wood burning stove in the first place! The answers are:

  1. The wood fuel is clean to handle, and easy to transport to the fire.
  2. So little ash is produced that the chore of cleaning the stove is reduced to weekly, or less!
  3. The incredible efficiency that can be achieved with a well designed stove.
  4. The negative contribution to global warming. (Burning wood puts no more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than the tree removed in the first place!)
  5. The sheer joy of a crackling wood fire!

Working out What You Need

Madrid wood stoveUse our links to browse manufacturers websites then contact us for the best advice on the wood burner stove that would suit you. It will help if you have already done some homework.

Find a ‘Look’ that you like – Black? Enamel? Tall? Short?

austroflamm vogue stoveWe have access to all the wood stoves in the British market, so PLEASE don’t ask us to send ALL the stoves brochures! Our factsheets will help you answer more of your queries, but Knowledge is no substitute for Experience.

Phone us on 01501 823006 or complete the contact form here,  and we will help all we can!

Competitive pricing. First Class service

Stove Experience is proud of its competitive pricing policy, however, we firmly believe that “You gets what you pays for!” With some other suppliers, you pay the full amount of your stove in advance, have 100 plus kilo’s of cast iron or steel delivered to your doorstep, instead of your fireplace, and be told that “The instructions are in the box”. If you’ve done that already, please don’t call us!

stovespiazzetta blue enamel stovenerja wood burning stovekenja stove insertpalazetti genevraldo wood stove


If you’ve come this far down the page, obviously you’re interested! Here’s a bit of fun then, and a spanner in the works!

A lot of dedicated wood burning stoves, particularly Scandinavian, have grates and ashpans! I queried this after finding one product in a Norwegian shop listed as “Multifuel” and in Britain as “Wood burning” only.

The manufacturer admitted to a fear in the British market that our consumers think Multifuel means “Coal”. it doesn’t. Multifuel means wood, peat and manufactured smokeless fuels. Most woodburning stove manufacturers will accede to a proportion of smokeless fuel being used in an appliance that has a grate and ashpan. Oh, if life was simple…………


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