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Wood Fired Pizza Ovens

outdoor pizza oven lanarkshire glasgow edinburghAn outdoor wood fired pizza oven in any garden, patio or terrace, will be the perfect centrepiece.

The ESSE Fire Stone is a completely new way to bring together cooking and dining with outdoor living and entertaining, turning any meal into an occasion.

As it acts as a space heater as well, it will extend the months when gardens are usable for dining and entertaining.

Here at Shotts, Lanarkshire, just 30 minutes from  Glagow and Edinburgh our Esse Wood Burning Outdoor Pizza Oven can be seen in all its beauty.

outdoor pizza oven cooking glasgow Edinburgh lanarkshireOutdoor wood fired pizza ovens

In just two minutes,fantastic homemade pizzas cook beautifully and the Fire Stone is just as impressive at roasting, baking, braising and char-grilling. This wood burning pizza oven infuses dishes with an unmatched flavour.

Before its launch, the ESSE Fire Stone was used, tested and trusted by top chefs at six different restaurants, including two Michelin starred restaurants.

Pizza ovens for home

wood fire pizza oven esse firestone glasgow edinburgh lanarkshireTV Chefs have been seen cooking delicious pizzas, amazing meat roasts, braised dishes and baked bread in their own pizza ovens and dedicated home cooks have looked on in envy.

Now homeowners can enjoy the delights of wood fired cooking right in their own garden.

The Fire Stone outdoor oven, when installed on its stainless steel support, even has a pivot feature to allow you to adapt to changing weather and wind direction.

Choose ESSE’s British-built Fire Stone for your home and it will be delivered ready to cook, so all you need to do is light it and start thinking about what delicious wood fired creation to try first.

esse-fire-stone-open-doorThe Esse Firestone has a door, which can be used to control the temperature and vary the type of heat being used.

The door has a stay-cool spring-loaded handle for wasy opening and closing.

With the door closed, the temperature builds up more quickly and when the oven fire is dying down, the door allows you to cook dishes on a low steady heat and slower cooking process.

Supplied complete with oven tools – pizza peel (the spade to slide the pizza or food in and out) , heat-proof leather mitt, pizza pan and cleaning brush, the Fire Stone design also has a handy tool hanging rail.

There is also the option of a retrofitted barbecue with detachable handles. So perfectly barbecued food can also be on the outdoor feasting menu!

What can you cook in a wood fired pizza oven?  Meat, fish, vegetables, fruits and bread can all have the wood fired oven treatment and taste delicious!  Here’s a video to watch.


DIY pizza oven kit set on brick built baseWood fired pizza oven kits for DIY

The ESSE Firestone can be supplied as a DIY pizza oven kit, for you to position onto your feature. Let ESSE build it or do it yourself, this outdoor cooker allows the freedom of al fresco dining all year round.

Outdoor brick oven

The ESSE Fire Stone pizza oven can be placed on top of a brick built oven base or stone-built feature if that style is preferred to compliment the garden or house design.

We can recommend a competent builder to advise and make the brick or stone built base for your pizza oven, as  the base needs to comply with some precise specifications for the correct operation of the oven.

The Esse Firestone wood burning pizza oven is just the latest in a long history of handmade high quality cookers and stoves that have stood the test of time in cottages and castles, on luxury liners and pioneering expeditions from Tropics to Poles for more than 150 years.

We’d like you to come and view the stunning Esse Firestone pizza oven one we have on show at our showroom in Shotts, Lanarkshire just 30 minutes by car from Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Wood fired pizza ovens for sale

The  Esse Firestone is now on sale and can be delivered in 10 days, which is plenty of time to turn your garden or patio into an all-year-round entertaining space. Just in time for Guy Fawkes fireworks parties, Thanksgiving and Christma turkeys.  Baked potatoes, spicy kebabs or  roasted hams on Boxing Day will never be the same!

You can get directions to our showroom, opening hours and contact details on this page

ESSE Firestone Outdoor Pizza Oven Features

  • Completely made in Britain.
  • Highly-insulated, winter-proof exterior shell constructed from GRC.
  • Refractory brick-lined chamber with internal profile optimised to promote high oven temperatures, clean combustion and heat distribution.
  • Capable of attaining cooking temperatures in excess of 550 C.
  • Glazed “stove door” allows sight of food during cooking, regulates air flow to the fire and retains heat in the oven. Half-catch door position creates air inlet during lighting.
  • The stay-cool, stainless steel door handle is spring-loaded to assist easy door closing.
  • Heavy duty steel base has “pivot” feature to allow orientation of the oven to be adjusted even during use.
  • Optional side tables available.
  • Flue pipe extends well above head height to ensure a smoke-free cooking experience and the rain shield ensures the flue operates correctly in all weathers.
  • Side and base are made from separate locking pieces, allowing for expansion and contraction throughout the British seasons.
  • Food can be placed directly onto the stone in front of the fire.
  • Grooves in the side of the interior allow for three-tier grilling.
  • Minimal maintenance required.
  • Two-year warranty (excludes glass and firebricks).

Outdoor Pizza Oven Optional Extras

Optional Pizza Oven Side Shelves

Optional Pizza Oven Side Shelves

Shelves on either side of the oven create handy surfaces for hot food just cooked, food ready to go in the oven,  dishes, plates, cooking utensils.

barbecue tray for outdoor wood fired pizza oven

Optional Barbecue Tray

The optional barbecue tray adds to the variety of cooking techniques and flavours you can achive with your wood fired pizza oven.

No need to wheel out the barbecue as well!

Stove Experience provides services in:

North and South Lanarkshire, Glasgow, Edinburgh, West Lothian, Midlothian, East Lothian, Central Scotland, Fife, Stirling, Perth and the Scottish Borders.

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