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Grey Stoves – Wood Burning Stove Colours

By Eoin
Jun 23rd, 2018

Villager Elite Multifuel StoveOnce upon a time…all stoves were black…I don’t know if its an urban myth or not, but I recall being told in the early days that this was because Senotherm paint, the heatproof finish applied to stoves was initially only capable of being manufactured in Black.

Or perhaps its a throwback to Ye Good Olde days, when the mistress of the house would spend a day a week with black lead paste polishing the grate! Whatever…today the paint finish on stoves is available in lots of colours, although the market tends to ignore them, seeing Black as traditional and somehow “Right”.

Colour trends in decorating can be followed on wood burning stoves too. At the moment (Mid 2018) the whole world seems to be turning grey!

Went to a carpet showroom recently and there were more than fifty shades of grey on offer…and a very depressed salesman bemoaning the fact that “Everyone wants grey”! Please let this end soon…the world can be dismal enough without taking all the colour out of it!

Grey Decorating Trend for Stoves

However for those of you following the trend, many stove manufacturers today will paint their stoves grey for you. Sometimes at a little extra cost, but if you are determined to have a grey day…it can usually be done.

For those of us not on trend...welcome to the world of colour!

Stove Colours

In paint finishes there are now around thirty colours available. see and you can download a colour chart . The other BIG advantage of paint based colours of course, is that they come in a tin. If you want to stay “On Trend” forever, you can repaint your stove any colour you like!

Before heatproof paint came along, Enamel, particularly on cast iron products was the route to colouring stoves. Think AGA here and you will remember the big coloured monster of country kitchen fame. Lovingly wiped down with a damp rag after every cooking excursion.

Enamel Colours for Stoves

Still today some manufacturers do use enamel on cast for their products, but fewer every day. there are many reasons why enamel finishes on stoves are becoming less popular:

  • Its expensive (often adding hundreds of pounds to the cost)
  • fragile (you will swear forever if you accidentally hit it with the poker)
  • not “Coverable”. (needs grit blasting to remove the enamel for new paint to adhere) 

Also seeing some fairly dubious enamelled products arriving in the market from the far east, that are often damaged when they come out of the box!

Tiled Stoves Add Colour

Tile has also been used to add interest and color to products. See Castelmonte for the epitome of this. hand painted Italian tile in an array of finishes, design and colour. (NO grey!) See Piazzetta for plainCastelmonte Wood Stove Kandinsky multi coloured wood stove tiled finishes and colours..(No grey tiles!)

Hearths are a necessity for stoves. A stove has to sit on something non combustible. Ask fifty customers what they envisage and for god alone knows what reason they will say “Slate”. More Grey! There are a huge number of stones in the market , limestone, sandstone, granites marbles. More than you could shake paint on a stick at. And a bewildering choice of colours. (perhaps thats the problem?) I try to introduce a full range of options, and delight when a client takes me up on say, coloured glass. I use a company in Glasgow who will happily match ANY colour chosen in toughened glass. Joy!

Perhaps its also the IKEA influence. So many potential customers think Scandinavia when choosing a stove and forget that “Skandi is blandi”. Its probably no accident that the stove companies I have chosen to illustrate colour in wood burning stoves are Italian. The home of design and style!

Go for it!




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