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Stove Spare Parts and Maintenance Checklist

By Eoin
Jun 16th, 2018

Its that time of year again, spring cleaning and renovating…

Your stove is probably looking a bit the worse for wear after the wet soggy winter we have just had, paintwork fading, baffle brick snapped when him indoors thought that huge log would squeeze in, wax still marking the side when Auntie Ethel thought a candle on the top would look nice for xmas, and that crack in the glass, (Who thought buying a four year old a catapult was a good idea!) and why does it try to sook the hem of your dress in every time you walk by it?!

All the bits and bobs you need are here…

  1. Stove Sealing Ropes. All stoves use ropes to seal the door to the stove, they last a couple of years then need replaced. Try a paper test. Close the door on a sheet of A4 and try and pull it out. If it slips out easily, time to put new rope in! At the foot of the page there is a video of how to replace the sealing rope on a stove door.
  2. Fire Bricks. Most manufacturers use Vermicuclad board as firebrick. For a lot of stoves this can be cut in store if you bring the old damaged one in. But only if it is flat. Shapes that have been moulded by manufacturers, need to be supplied by the manufacturer through us.
  3. Baffles. The crucial part in the firebox, the baffle plate provides a huge chunk of your stoves efficiency by forcing the smoke to take a long way round to get out to the chimney. Check it’s not broken, warped or damaged. The other job its doing is preventing damage internally to the top surface of your stove
  4. Grates. Check the grate. Look for cracks and warping that are only going to get worse!
  5. Glass. Give your stove glass a good clean and polish and look for the cracks previously hidden behind the dirt! Replacement glass is usually third-party supplied and can be as fast as 24hrs to us. Mind that 24hrs from Xmas eve will be the 4th of January in Scotland!

All the above are “Consumables” and most are generic (ie you don’t need to use the manufacturers original product) but your stove will love and serve you more if you keep ahead of maintenance

Oh and….Get your chimney swept! October is no time to find out that you have a huge bird’s nest in the lum!

Check out the Stove Spares page

This is a useful Video that demonstrates how to replace the sealing rope on a wood stove door. This example is for a Stovax stove, but the same technique can be used on most stoves.  

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